Monday, 29 October 2007

Leopard, a few days in.

Ok, so....i've had Leopard for 3 days so far, theres been a few minor problems, but nothing particularly deadly.

The main issues I have had are as follows:

  1. Occasional random Finder crashes, unsure what is causing them, it could be 3rd party, but unlikely as the only thing I have installed 3rd party that interacts with Finder is ClamXAv -[110] ([0x0-0xa00a][143]) Exited abnormally: Segmentation fault - is what keeps appearing in the logs.
  2. Weirdness with file and folder permissions, easily fixed by running chgrp and chown a few times. ;-)
  3. Complete UI lockup when using iChat's video background feature, whole user interface unresponsive, mouse unresponsive, keyboard unresponsive. But NOT a kernel panic, something else. Needed to hard reboot to sort that problem out.
  4. Excessive memory and swap usage when Secure virtual memory is enabled. In fact, it managed to make 2GB of my memory active when no processes were using it, and it also managed to use 1 GB of swap, which on a 4GB machine, is ridiculous.
  5. v3, still a pile of shite, don't know why it won't talk to my server, mail v2 did with no problems what so ever, so god knows what they have fucked up with that update. Unfortunately for me, I can't even get v2 working on Leopard, as a temp workaround, because one of the required frameworks is missing. :-(
  6. The new SMB settings, yes, very nice Apple, but no fucking good if you can't change the workgroup. The workgroup input box just blanks itself out every time, and /etc/smb.conf is not the samba config file anymore, it reads its input from /var/run/smb.conf, which is dynamically there doesn't seem to be a workaround for that either.
  7. Finder...again. Lol, has a problem finding network computers, possibly because of the SMB workgroup issue doesn't seem to like finding them at all in fact.
  8. top keeps reporting stopped processes, and when I go do a ps auxc I find several processes with U next to them, which are still running....bugger knows what's going on with that.
I'm sure there's more, but these bugs could do with being fixed, nothing major really, just minor annoyances, except means i've got to use that piece of Mozilla junk Thunderbird, unless someone can suggest a decent alternative client... :-)

Going to bed tomorrow. :-(

Night. x


Marius said...

Leopard has absolutely no problems connecting to my Windows network. I'm not using the 'default' workgroup btw. All my shared folders appear under the link in the sidebar and there's no trouble connecting to any computer.
I think it's even easier to do than with Tiger (10.4.10).
Could be just me though. =)

Thanks for sharing your experiences though.

Anonymous said...

I figured out what was causing that....eventually. It was down to DNS, and the method to change the workgroup name is to create a new network location and customise it, the standard Automatic settings don't change the workgroup name for some reason.