Thursday, 25 October 2007

Storm worm turns antivirus software into a useless ornament.

It seems that the infamous Storm worm has got even more clever now. Instead of simply terminating antivirus programs, it patches their memory so they run fine, but if you think they are protecting your system, think again, because they ain't.

Real handy that isn't it? A virus scanner that is nothing but an ornamental icon sitting in the system tray.

The Storm worm botnet is huge now, estimates vary between 6 and 15 million PC's...all running Windows surprisingly enough.

The scary thing is, this thing actually acts like it is alive.
  • It knows when somebody is investigating it, and launches a denial of service attack against them in retaliation.
  • It hides itself on a PC using a rootkit so that the average dumb Windows user can't find it or remove it - Which also changes every few weeks to avoid detection.
  • It renders security software useless.
  • It changes its program signature every 30 mins to avoid antivirus software.
  • It can defeat so called secure networks.
  • It has the ability to launch massive Distributed Denial of Service attacks/spam floods against anything that its owner/herder wishes.
  • All in all, it's one scary piece of "software".
And why has this happened? It's down to the idiocy of users for downloading every shit thing on the internet, not having up to date antivirus definitions and generally not following BASIC security practice when using the internet.
Last but not least, it's also down to Microsoft, for pushing their shoddy, bug ridden junk that they call an operating system, namely Windows.

I think it's time for anyone with half a brain to switch to an alternative operating system and call time out on Microsoft and it's shoddy software, which is a threat to us all.

Thanks for listening.


The original post which I got the inspiration from is available here.

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