Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Vista x64 on a Mac Pro

Don't fucking bother. Worst experience that I have ever fucking had in my life. Half the devices don't work properly, and all it seems to do is read and write to the hard drive excessively.

I first tried 32 bit Vista a few months ago and it saw 1.9 GB of my 4GB memory, even with PAE enabled, which is a sack of shit to be honest, which was why I ditched it then, god knows why it does that, it may be a limitation in the Apple EFI emulated BIOS, or more likely a limitation in Vista.

So...................tonight, I was bored and thought 'Oh yeah, lets try Vista 64, it may be better than 32 bit.' Big Mistake....read on.....

I installed it, and in all fairness it installed fairly quickly. Checked the Performance Index, 5.9 on all counts, so far so good....

Then.....update time....47 updates available.... it seemed to take an age to download them, my network usually works at 1500kb/sec, but for some reason in Vista, I was getting 400kb/sec at most. It then took the best part of 40 mins to install those, which was rather annoying, then came the reboot, which took equally an age to complete the 'Windows is configuring updates' shit...

Finally, upon reboot I tried to find a driver for my Kensington Trackball....no 64 bit drivers available....GREAT, which meant that anything that required scrolling, you can't do in a quick manner. :-(
Then, I realised that the sound wasn't working. It had detected the hardware and installed drivers....but no sound at all...so I pissed about with it for 10-15 mins, no joy.

Then I found out that MacDrive doesn't work with 64 bit Windows, so my 500GB of data on HFS+ drives was inaccessible. 

So.....I thought fuck it, and did the sensible thing, and erased the partition and went back to an OS that 'just works'.....maybe not as well as Apple try to make out....but much better than Windows. :-)

End result....don't bother, it's really not worth it.

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