Sunday, 6 January 2008

Apple Discussions - Why I no longer participate

When I first got my Mac, as an experienced UNIX/Linux user, I was always more than happy to help people out on Apple Discussions.

However, there are a number of people on there who are complete tossers, are rude to posters, give out incorrect or timewasting information and feel the need to comment on every damn discussion. 

Two that I can think of in particular is Kappy, and TheHatter.

Kappy is the one that pisses me off the most. He's an arrogant cunt, who enjoys being rude to people who ask a genuine question, and then either gives them wrong information, or gives them an excessively drawn out way of doing things which basically waste their time. 
The thing that pisses me off the most with him though, if you are rude back to the twat, he goes running off, tells a mod, and gets the replies deleted. The most worrying thing is that he has 5 blue bars, which mean he is allegedly a very helpful person, which he may well be, but i'd rather he pissed off completely than was rude and arrogant to people.

TheHatter on the other hand reminds me of just that. The guy is raving, he puts such random stuff in there, which confuses everybody that reads it. And he won't ever accept that he is wrong. 

Bah, leave em to it....I used to keep an eye on the RSS feed for some of the forum categories, but I don't bother at all now. I'm sorry, but I can't be nice to idiots, and as those 2 seem to post on EVERYTHING, it's difficult to keep away from them.

Fuck it.


Follow up to: Vista x64 on a Mac Pro - Hosed EFI partition

Ok, so....time for an update, bit overdue though.

After I had removed Vista again, it seemed that every time I rebooted, I got a BIOS screen which said 'Non system disk' or some shit like that, as a result of I had to power off then press the option key to bring up the list of bootable disks. 

I checked the settings in startup disk, it was telling it to boot from my OS 10.5.1 disk, which should be correct.

So, I did a little bit of digging, and while OS X strictly speaking doesn't use the EFI partition, unless you are doing firmware updates, it can cause boot problems such as what I was experiencing if it doesn't exist. So....I checked out my EFI partition, which appeared to be either missing or corrupted. 

So, not only had Vista been particularly shit, it had also decided to zap the EFI partition on my primary boot drive, which pissed me off a lot.

It was easy enough to fix, but hassle I didn't really want. I first made sure I had an up to date time machine backup, just in case I fucked it up. I then tried to repair the EFI partition in single user mode, which didn't work at all, the size of it was wrong, and it just wasn't having it. When I attempted to reboot after attempting the fix, it booted straight on to the OS X install DVD, which for convenience, is in a 10GB partition on one of the secondary drives.

When I fired up disk utility, it couldn't see the name of the system volume, it couldn't repair it, so basically my repair attempt hosed it completely.

Still, not to worry, so I erased it, and restored a time machine backup onto it, which completed in about 20 mins.

Lucky. :-)