Monday, 25 February 2008

LiquidWeb experiences... ;-)

Read this interesting support ticket which was raised by us when one of the services which was advertised to us, and promised to us was not delivered. They had $1300 off us and flatly refuse to give a refund.

They do appear to be being more helpful now and have fixed the original issue. shouldn't take posting on WebHostTalk to get them to do this. After taking so long to acknowledge the problem, they managed to fix it in a matter of hours after that post was made, which makes us think they weren't really trying as hard as they could have been. Unfortunately, due to the experience, we are somewhat reluctant to use their services now.

Just found this too: WebHostTalk Forum it seems that other people are pissed at them too...

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Terry6082 Books said...

I wasn't thinking of using liquidweb but I certainly won't be tempted to use them after reading your illuminating discussion with them. regards, terry